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Latest News

Come check out College Sand Doubles!
Introduction to how and what it takes to officiate this new NCAA-approved sport for 2016
Saturday, April 18 at The Sports Oasis, 2400 W. Midway Blvd., Broomfield, 80020

Congratulations to the following officials for their selections to post season!
NCAA - First/Second Round - CSU - Fort Collins
Dan Apol
Gary Houghton
Ryan MacDowell
Anthony Buller
Adam Drewry
Ryan Knoblock
Candida Mallo
Kent Haggard
NJCAA National Championships - Casper, WY
Head Official: Glo Bailey
Stephen Arichea
Ryan MacDowell
Kim Renquest
Anthony Buller
Adam Drewry
Dan Lass
Candida Mallo
Don Pemberton
Amber Ellis
Kent Haggard
NJCAA Region IX South Championships - Lamar
Candida Mallo
Rick Dubois
Derry Ebert
Amy Feathers
Keo Thompson
NJCAA Region IX North Championships - Casper
Craig Jordan
Rob Livingston
Ryan MacDowell
Kathy Carter
Monica Bartling
A.I.I Conference Championships of NAIA - JWU
Candida Mallo
Rob Livingston
Ryan MacDowell
Amber Ellis
Bonnie Apol
Dan Lass
Christopher Hermosillo
Suzanne Lowry Murlless
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Training and Education

College Spring Training Events Announced!

Friday and Saturday, March 6 & 7 at Air Force Academy
Line Judge Training at the MWC Men's Conference Championships
Cadet Gym, Friday, begins at 12:00 noon, Saturday begins at 9:30 a.m.
Must be in certified officials uniform

Saturday, April 4th at Univ.of Northern Colorado
Clinics, Training and Ratings for Referees, Line-Judges and Scorers
Observers will be on-site

Saturday, April 11th at University of Wyoming
Training and Ratings for Referees
Observers will be on-site.

Rules Comparisons - Now Available!
Comparison of NCAA, USAV and NFHS Rule Sets
Log in and go Info Tab then click on General Info

Line Judges Corner
A NEW Feature just added on ARBITER's Main Page
"2014 NCAA LJ Power Point and Video"