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CO-WY membership passes ByLaws!

Denver to Host 2015 NCAA/PAVO Clinic
Sunday, August 16, 2015. Mark your calendars! More details to follow soon.

Thank You
Ashley Bass, Steve Espinoza, Tom Olnowich, Ashley Powell, Ted Schulz, and Sally Wiggins and trainers Candida Mallo and Don Pemberton for line judging at the Men's MOUNTAIN WEST Conference Championships at Air Force, March 6 & 7.
You helped make this event so much more professional!

Congratulations to the following officials for their selections to post season!
NCAA - First/Second Round - CSU - Fort Collins
Dan Apol
Gary Houghton
Ryan MacDowell
Anthony Buller
Adam Drewry
Ryan Knoblock
Candida Mallo
Kent Haggard
NJCAA National Championships - Casper, WY
Head Official: Glo Bailey
Stephen Arichea
Ryan MacDowell
Kim Renquest
Anthony Buller
Adam Drewry
Dan Lass
Candida Mallo
Don Pemberton
Amber Ellis
Kent Haggard
NJCAA Region IX South Championships - Lamar
Candida Mallo
Rick Dubois
Derry Ebert
Amy Feathers
Keo Thompson
NJCAA Region IX North Championships - Casper
Craig Jordan
Rob Livingston
Ryan MacDowell
Kathy Carter
Monica Bartling
A.I.I Conference Championships of NAIA - JWU
Candida Mallo
Rob Livingston
Ryan MacDowell
Amber Ellis
Bonnie Apol
Dan Lass
Christopher Hermosillo
Suzanne Lowry Murlless
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Training and Education
Come check out College Sand Doubles!
Introduction to how and what it takes to officiate this new NCAA-approved sport for 2016
Saturday, April 18 at The Sports Oasis, 2400 W. Midway Blvd., Broomfield, 80020

College Spring Training Events Announced!

Saturday, April 4th at Univ.of Northern Colorado
Clinics, Training and Ratings for Referees, Line-Judges and Scorers
Observers will be on-site

Saturday, April 11th at University of Wyoming
Training and Ratings for Referees
Observers will be on-site.

Rules Comparisons - Now Available!
Comparison of NCAA, USAV and NFHS Rule Sets
Log in and go Info Tab then click on General Info

Line Judges Corner
A NEW Feature just added on ARBITER's Main Page
"2014 NCAA LJ Power Point and Video"