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2013 NJCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS officiating crews:
Referees: Stephen Arichea, Ryan MacDowell, and Kim Renquest
On Lines: Anthony Buller, Adam Drewry, Dan Lass, Candida Mallo and Don Pemberton
Scorers: Bonnie Apol, Amber Ellis and Kent Haggard
Head Referee: Glo Bailey

To Pi'i Aiu for working the NCAA Division II Regional held in Carson, Texas and being awarded the final as R1!

To Rick Dubois, Malcolm Grimes, Nancy Holm, Candida Mallo for officiating, and to Dan Lass, Sally Wiggins and Ted Schulz for line judging the NJCAA Region IX South Tournament!

To Rob Livingston, Ryan MacDowell and Glo Bailey for officiating and to Monica Bartling and Kathy Carter for line judging the NJCAA Region IX North Tournament.

To Don Pemberton for working the First and Second round as a linesperson of the NCAA D1 Tournament at Kansas University

To Dan Apol for working the First, Second and Third, Forth Rounds of the NCAA D1 Tournament at Kansas University and University of Nebraska


Training and Education
    2014 Collegiate Officiating Training Clinics
  • March 29 - U. of Wyoming - Referee and Line Judge
  • April 12 - UNC - Referee
  • April 26 - U. of Wyoming - Referee
  • April 26 - CSMines - Referee, Line Judge and Scorer
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  • 2014 PAVO LJ - SK Requirements Announced
    Information specific to Line Judge and Scorer Certifications and Renewal has just come from our PAVO National Office. The info provides and will help remind you of all necessary requirements for becoming certified or renewing for the upcoming 2014 season. Access the specifics under the General Info link on the menu bar once you have logged into your home page.

  • RMR Officials Web Site
    RMROfficials.org currently provides info on USAVolleyball membership, officiating clinics and junior tournaments for the 2013-14 season!