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Our area's first ever USAV's Beach Officiating Clinic was held Saturday, April 18,
during the Colorado Collegiate Sand Championships at the Sports Oasis.

Thanks to Ryan MacDowell and Dan Apol for organizing the Clinic and
to the Sports Oasis staff for allowing us to train and providing lunch!

Getting their feet in the dirt and learning just how tough scoring on the sand is:
Sally Wiggins, Ted Schulz, Bob Mimmack, Candida Mallo,
Tom Olnowich and Glo Bailey
CO-WY Board members pass Dues Increase!
For 2015 - CO-WY Local Dues will be $30, PAVO national membership dues will be $35
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Denver to Host 2015 NCAA/PAVO Clinic
Sunday, August 16, 2015. Mark your calendars! More details to follow soon.

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Training and Education
Denver to Host 2015 NCAA/PAVO Clinic
Mark your calendars!
Sunday, August 16, 2015. Johnson Wales Univ.
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Annual CO-WY Member meeting to follow!

Rules Comparisons - Now Available!
Comparison of NCAA, USAV and NFHS Rule Sets
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Line Judges Corner
A NEW Feature just added on ARBITER's Main Page
"2014 NCAA LJ Power Point and Video"