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Latest News

Air Force Prep announces Cancellation of 2015 Season
and going forward will no longer support a Women's VB Program

Beach Clinic a Success!
Under the instruction and mentoring of
Dan Apol and Ryan MacDowell, our FIVB International officials, eight (8)
of our referees attended our first ever beach certification clinic where they each received
"Local" Certifications!
Congrats to Jim Henthorn, Craig Jordan, Marty Larson, Candida Mallo,
Jim Marcelo, Julie Meining, Jim Vitro, and Sally Wiggins!

New coaches announced!
Colorado Christian, Johnson Wales, Trinidad State and Western Wyoming

NJCAA Region IX Championships Announced!
South - Northeastern JC
North - Western Wyoming CC

2015 NJCAA National Championships
Awarded to Casper College
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Training and Education

Line Judges Corner
2015 Best Practices for Line Judges now available!
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